Covid-19 Policy for ACM WiSec 2022
San Antonio, Texas

Even though the federal, state, and local governments are slowly lifting Covid-19 related mask mandates and travel restrictions, threats due to the Omicron and other highly transmissible Covid-19 variants continue to persist. Thus, the ACM WiSec 2022 conference organizers will be taking several precautionary measures for the health and safety of the conference attendees. Please use the following resources to keep yourself updated on your upcoming travel to San Antonio, Texas, USA:

CDC Travel Guidance During COVID-19
San Antonio General Covid 19 Guidance

ACM WiSec 2022 will have the following Covid-19 policy enforced at all times during the conference:

Proof of Vaccination

Given the current local (San Antonio) risk status of Covid-19 as low, there will be NO requirement of showing a proof of vaccination and/or proof of testing in order to attend the WiSec 2022 conference. However, if the risk level increases to medium or high, every participant would be required to present proof of vaccination and proof of testing to attend the conference in person. So, if you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or have been recently tested, it may be useful to carry such proofs prior to arrival at the conference venue.

Mask Wearing

Due to the current low risk status of Covid-19 locally, we are currently also NOT enforcing a mask mandate to attend the conference in person. However, all participants are highly recommended to wear a mask for the duration of the conference, except for eating, drinking or while presenting. If Covid-19 threat level increases, the conference organizers may enforce a mask mandate to attend the conference.

Although the current risk level in San Antonio due to COVID-19 is low (San Antonio Risk Level), the threat of transmission due to the different highly contagious variants of the COVID-19 virus still remains. In order to provide a safe conference experience to all our participants, the ACM WiSec steering committee and WiSec’22 conference organizers have decided to adopt a mandatory mask policy within the conference areas (Regency East Ballroom, Regency East Foyer and Chula Vista Ballroom) of the Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk hotel. All WiSec’22 attendees will be required to wear a mask at all times in these areas, and the conference volunteers will enforce this policy. This policy will not apply to other areas of the hotel (unless the hotel mandates mask wearing in these areas) and while eating, drinking or presenting. Conference attendees are highly encouraged to bring their own masks to the conference, but free masks can also be picked up from the registration/check-in desk. The hotel has also installed sanitization stations at several key spots around the conference area - please take advantage of that to regularly sanitize your hands. A limited number of rapid (at-home) COVID tests are also available, and can be picked up at the registration/check-in desk.


Participants who are feeling sick or are exhibiting other symptoms of Covid-19 (e.g., runny nose, fever, sore throat or cough), should NOT attend the conference in person. They could request an online (Zoom) link from the conference organizers. Although the conference organizers will try their best to provide an online attendance option to such participants, they cannot guarantee it. In case participants experience Covid-19 symptoms at any time during the conference, they should inform the conference organizers (by email) immediately, who will provide them with the location of the nearest health treatment/testing facilities.

Social Distancing

All participants are encouraged to maintain social distancing during the entire conference.